A Tisket, A Tasket: Our Guide to Assemble Gift Baskets, Bundles and Duos


When I was younger, one of the most delightful things about the holidays was the food gift baskets my dad would bring home. Teeny jars of mustard and dried sausage and the assortment of crackers and cheese that didn’t need to be refrigerated. It was pure magic. And while my tastes have evolved, the lure of the gift basket has never wavered. If there is one thing we love more than gift giving, it is gift basket giving. Everything is better with a theme. Why strive to find that single perfect gift, when you can curate a selection of gifts that impeccably complement each other?


A lush gift basket full of delectable goodies is still a quintessential Christmas gift in my books, and there is so many more variations on this theme. It is our belief that it just takes a few steps to assemble a thoughtful assortment for anyone on your gift list.

1.       Pick a theme. What does your recipient love? What do you love to do together? Tea? Travel? Cooking? Yoga? Start there. Need help? We love to assist you in selecting the perfect mix of items to gift.  

2.       Narrow it down, or not. I love gifting my daughter’s teachers a small, affordable assortment that lets them know how much they mean to us. And if the budget or occasion allows, gift baskets are a great way to make the gift even bigger. Whether a mini candle and a book of matches or a weekender, travel tag and print, gift baskets work for every budget.

3.       Packaging is everything. Leave the giant basket and cellophane wrap behind. Sometimes less is more. Reimagine your gift basket – boxes, bags, bows, twine and handmade gift tags are ways to elevate your bundles.


Visit us this holiday season to help create custom gift baskets, bundles and duos for everyone on your list!

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