The bringing together of Persian art, including hand woven rugs, metal and wood art pieces and Western bronze sculptures in “The Most Historic Small Town in Texas” might seem like an unusual combination. Those who appreciate the story of carpets will understand. Beautiful carpets are the end result of wool grown across many regions, colored using dyes derived from even broader landscapes and then intricately woven together by skilled artisans, oftentimes taking years of their lives before completion. Each one brings a unique history melding the narrative of strangers into a single piece of art, a physical symbol of the beauty of peace and unity. Texas is a perfect complement to the complexity of a rug’s history, a vast state blending the individual lives and cultures from across the world into a single hope of rugged freedom. Lost Pines Art Bazaar is a tribute to that history.

Like any good bazaar there are a plethora of unique gifts perfect to celebrate a birthday, compliment a hostess or simply to treat yourself.  The varieties of Ahmad teas available are sure to please any palette, adorable mouse and coaster rugs or some of the stunning stationary are a great way to upgrade an office and an assortment of fair trade scarves, bags and décor look wonderful in addition to having a global impact.

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